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Open mic at River City Blues Club and Dart Room! "No Longer Made of Stone" from 'DeepLove' Where I'm at on social media: Website: TheMarioBurgos.Com Twitter: @TheMarioBurgos Instagram: @TheMarioBurgos Facebook: Https:// Soundcloud: @MarioBurgos Snapchat: @MarioB717
Excuse the quality, but I'd like to share "Miles to Go" from my first open mic night in Harrisburg, PA. What an amazing crowd! It was an honor performing this material for the first time with these amazing people! More to come!
I decided to do a cover of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists! Here's @Beyonce's "Pray You Catch Me" from "Lemonade". Had to throw in some back up harmonies :P Huuuge thank you to @PianoNest for the instrumental and to @ItsCoryThomas for the video and editing!
This track is part of the second half of my album. It's as deep as some of the other songs but in a lighter, more hopeful sense. I wrote this for anyone who doubts themselves- who thinks that they can't ever be enough for others, but more importantly, be enough for themselves.
Hey guys, thanks for finding my Lady Gaga - Million Reasons Cover! So, my FIRST ALBUM came out today (DeepLove by Mario Burgos; find it on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.!) and I thought this would be the perfect time to start bi-weekly covers (and bloopers) of my favorite songs!

This is the lyric video for one of my favorite tracks (Track 3) from my debut album, 'DeepLove'! 'This Bed' talks about lack of communication, cheating, and trusting your gut feeling when in a relationship. I hope you enjoy it!


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