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Always a Cover

Finding calm in my life has been difficult lately. I found myself feeling very peaceful and content a few weeks ago, but suddenly an uncomfortable wave of change happened. Attitudes changed rapidly and I found myself feeling as if I was spiraling. However, while feeling as though I was grasping for solid ground as my professional life was seemingly, and once more, swept from under my feet, I found I didn't need to grasp. I'm still standing. I'm still breathing. I'm still fine. 

I've never been a fan of rapid change; the kind of change that disrupts your entire being. As I get older, though, I realize that I've gotten better at maintaining my composure. I haven't perfected it, but I've gotten better. Just four years ago, I'd have called my mother in a panic and manic depression that would do more damage than good. I'd have already burned all of the bridges and given in to my compulsive need to turn my inconveniences into a blame game. But that's not who I am anymore. I don't realize it until I'm through a situation, but I've been getting my shit together. It's a good feeling. I think my biggest accomplishment of late has been my creativity. 

I was the type of person that would have to take month long breaks in times of heavy stress. I wouldn't write. I wouldn't produce. I would spend my free time taking naps and avoiding anything humans should be doing. I find that I can turn these elevated blood pressure moments into music or lyrics. I can turn my anxiety into projects and goals. For instance, last night I assumed that I would sleep today away because "I deserve a day of rest." Instead, I woke up after 8 hours of sleep and decided I was going to do some music business things, write a blog post, get started on some new music and possibly work on other projects in the works, etc. Now, don't get me wrong. I'll still probably fit a tiny nap in at some point. I'm not a monster. 

Little. Victories. 

I have had some very good moments since my last post.  It was such a relaxing and easy (and exhausting) day. Cory and I went to Harrisburg to have Hallie time and got to see my mom for a little while. She, of course, gave us wine! I got to spend a WONDERFUL day at Hershey Park with the amazing people I mentioned earlier! I will be heading back to the Hanover location for work, which means less driving and more time for life things! And, as usual, I've been creating more music. I have a few instrumentals in the works, but I've also been having fun planning for my next Open Mic Night. As much as I want to continue promoting my first album, I also want to venture out and do some covers by artists I love! 

I find myself drawn to Coldplay, Pink (or You+Me), Adele... you know. Just feeling things out and trying to see what artists and songs my voice can fit into. That being said, I'll end this post with 2 covers I recently recorded. I look forward to singing them live very soon! 

Normal Things

Let's talk influences, shall we? 

I have been finding myself thinking more about my influences lately. Those of you that know me know that Beyonce, P!nk, Christina, Santigold and a few others are my obvious favorites. Those artists are "home" for me. I grew up with them. In crucial points in my life, their lyrics and rebellion helped me, and still help me, find a deeper part of myself. Note: Yes, you can still be angsty when you're 29 years old. That being said, one album down. Now I find myself getting to know myself post "DeepLove". What direction do I want to go? What styles and genres do I want to explore and/or include? Oh, the questions that arise. 

Let's start with what I have been listening to lately. HARRY STYLES! Holy shit! I want to say that I hate boy bands because, you know, I do, but when these artists go solo... Wow! I have listened to Mr. Styles' album about 20-30 times now and each time I feel like I learn something a little different about him. I also learn something about myself when listening. I have learned that I am very jealous of other artists, especially male artists. I am in awe of his versatility, both in styles (no pun, intended) and vocal ability. He might be my newest musical boo.

Next, we have QVEEN HERBY (aka. KARMIN) that has been blowing my mind. I'm normally not huge on white people rapping, I have to be honest, but she is so talented! As Karmin, Amy Noonan made me fall in love with her clear and smooth vocal skills. Her rich lows and floating highs are something from a dream. The lyrics and musical styles were also very diverse, so that's something I always look for in my artists. As Qveen Herby, she seems to shed the pop style that Karmin became known for and went full R&B/Hip-Hop. She has a crazy flow, too!! Check her out.

WILD BELLE has a bunch of songs that I enjoy, but by far, "Our Love Will Survive" is a gem. I love her smoky, raspy vocals and the reggae influences. The music video is pretty relaxing as well! MARIAN HILL caught me by surprise! "Down" is the first song of theirs that I heard. Check out the pop and bluesy, sensual electronica track. Just make sure you turn your bass up the whole way. Trust me. 

These are just a few artists that have been taking up my time. I like to think I'm finding more of a fondness for "carefree" music after my first effort. I've been trying out different instruments and effects while experimenting with my sound. I originally wanted to call my second album "Merlot Dreams," but it's turning into something else entirely. I am still looking for people to collaborate with, but for the time being, I've been investing in amazing sound collections and VSTs and working independently on a lot of new music. 

Who are the artists that influence and inspire you? What song or album do you find yourself running back to day after day/week after week? If you're a musician, what traits of these artists or albums do you find yourself borrowing? 


I'd like to end this post with a snippet of a track that will give you an idea of what's been cookin' up in my musical kitchen. I hope you enjoy! 

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