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Catch Me While I Fall

I'm going to make this one short, as my life has been pretty uneventful lately. I'm still working a ton, still working on the next album, and diving real hard into Netflix and Hulu. Inspiration and creativity have been sparse lately, so that's a bit frustrating. I don't like to put out forced material, so I've been discovering new artists and checking out tons of music from other producers and finding sounds and vibes that have really drawn me in. 

There is an AMAZING website that has been incredibly helpful in finding new music. It's pretty much a forum for producers to preview and sell their music. There are so many strong musicians on the site! I would highly suggest visiting and showing some support to other independent producers. They're able to set their own prices, which is pretty amazing. A lot of us don't make much money from streaming services, with Tidal being the most supportive service, so it's nice to see people knowing the worth of their time and talent. 

While I've been slowly writing out new feelings and reflections, I did something else that I'm proud of! I have officially released my 2nd single from my 'Drifting' project! 'Catch Me' is a slow-burn track that delivers some killer R&B style vibes. It's simple. It's honest. Most importantly, it's one of my favorites I've ever made! It was incredibly fun to get the horns just right, the vocal runs to flow, and especially the chorus that is, pretty much, me talking to myself about being overdramatic. 

I promise you will love this one! I'll edit links as the track goes live on different platforms. 
Check it out on my youtube channel and subscribe while you're at it! 


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