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Where have I been??

Golly! It sure has been a while since I've written a post! One day shy of 7 months! Obviously I'm good at this!

So, 7 months later you might be asking, "What has Mario been up to?" Well, let me fill you in! A little over 3 months ago I released my debut, self-produced and self-released album, 'DeepLove'. It was such a huge undertaking and I didn't fully understand how much time, money, and emotion it would take to accomplish this. Sales keep slowly coming in and it's such an amazing feeling when I see the streams and album sales pop up. I have a few reviews and get lots of compliments, but as I said earlier, it's SLOW. In a way it's disappointing, but being realistic with myself, promotion costs a lot of money and that is just something I can't afford on at the moment.  It is hard being an unknown indie artist, but I've picked up about 10k fans since November of last year - and the numbers keep growing every day - which is a great feeling! 

'DeepLove' was, and is, such a powerful work for me. I understand that for most people it's going to be heavier and, honestly, a downer. The expectation is that people will listen from the beginning, start to finish, and take that journey with me. However, when your album starts with a hard hitting, raw, and distorted track about mental illness, you know it's going to be bumpy. As I've said in previous posts, it's a work that touches deep on topics such as mental illness, abuse, heartbreak, and what not, but there's so much more than that. I'm still learning from it. There is always a feeling of coping, strength, and healing throughout the entire album. It was very uncomfortable releasing this album because I was figuratively throwing my entire self out into the world. An unknown person, breaking all of my own rules of "keep it to yourself" and "don't be a burden," to someone that has acknowledged and accepted my strengths and weaknesses. I take pride in this first work because I know there are other people experiencing the same things I experience every day. I hope one day they find my album and can feel comfortable crying it out at the beginning and rising up towards the end of the work - just like I have - over and over again. What I experience every day because of my actions, the actions of others in my past, and things I can't control in my brain, will never go away, but I've learned that I am okay and that I am strong. Making this album has given me a life-line. It has given me a reason to keep creating. It has given me a reason to embrace my history and keep pushing forward. It reassures me every time I listen and sing through it, that I am loved now. Yes, I am loved by others, but more importantly, I am loved by me. 

"What have you been up to recently?" everyone asked. 

Well, I am working on my next project. I have about 7 or 8 different songs in the works or completed. The tone for most of them is lighter, yet still dramatic. I've been focusing a lot on my experience as a composer. I've been bringing out the strings and the brass. I've been digging deep into social issues and observing people and things a lot more. I am also trying to come up with a vlog/blog idea involving interviews of various people - trying to hear their story - so that's fun! Cory and I have been cooking a lot and drinking entirely too much wine, but have so much fun together! It's been a great few months, over all. I am very excited to share new music with you all as I create and compile these next albums!

 Check out the streaming section to hear some tracks that didn't make the cut for the first album! 


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