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Website Launch

I'm so beyond excited to launch my new website! It's been something I've had in the back of my mind for some time, but with work and my desire to sleep as much as possible on my days off, it's been delayed. With help from the always wonderful Cory Thomas, this adorable puppy next to me, and Missy Elliott on Pandora Radio, I have an official place to post my music! Not only will there be audio recordings, but Youtube videos will soon be popping up soon. You'll also be linked to my incredibly interesting life through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There will also be this wonderful blog where you can get to know me a bit more and experience my lazy grammar skills. How excited are you right now? Adequately? Perfect!

The main reason I created this page is to share my music with the world. I have been working for years and years trying to develop my musical skills. I finally feel like even though my mixing skills aren't "amazing", I can share my songs with you all and be proud of what I have to give. I will use this blog to share personal experiences and let you in on my creative process. You can expect honesty and humor. I work in customer service/retail management, so I'm sure I'll share some of my more hilarious "Tales from The Pier."

I want to keep this short, so I will end this post with hopes for my website. I hope that whomever randomly finds or is linked to this site takes the time to really listen to the music I share. I hope that my lyrics are relatable and that my melodies carry you away. I hope, in some way, that my music will help you. Whether it helps you smile, dance, relax, cry or just sit back and think, I will be so beyond happy! So, have a listen, enjoy my feeds and my weird pictures, and let me know what you think!!



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