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I have vacation coming up! It's so close I can almost feel the sand in my crack. I just have to get through 2 days of being nice to people at my job and dealing with this constant eye-twitch I've been experiencing. I just have to get through 3 days of waking up in the morning in some sort of panic thinking that I slept in while I could be in the pool or at the beach. I am mentally preparing myself for this 14 hour drive. I don't mind driving, but after a certain number of hours I kind of just want to set myself on fire. I'll need to make some playlists for the drive - I'm thinking a 2 Dope Queens playlist, some Beyonce (Obviously), Ladyhawke, Santigold, Robyn, P!nk... just to name a few. I wish I had more subscribers so I could ask for ideas on new music to listen to!

I am so incredibly excited to head down to Florida on the 23rd! I'm excited because I haven't been there in 11 years. I'm excited because I get to spend time with my family that I don't get to see as often as I'd like. This is either because I'm working a ton of annoying hours, or I have been dealing with so many rude, entitled housewives, that on my day off, I just want to sleep until forever. That being said, spending time with my Dad, Stepmom, and sister sounds heavenly! I'm SO excited to be able to share this trip with Cory and Hallie! Cory and I desperately need a break from PA. It's been a crazy, but lovely few months but I'm excited for him to see me when I'm not a complete mess! I'm so pumped for Hallie to come down with us because we've never gone on a trip before. We have been friends as long as I can remember, but haven't taken to the road to share our awkward bond with the world! I'm hoping time goes slowly while we're down there so we can make the most of every day and every moment. 

We are heading to Universal and Islands of Adventure when we get down there. We're going to make a day of it - most of which I imagine will be spent at Harry Potter world! I'm sure we are going to be oh so drained after that, but it'll be so worth it (I need some roller coasters in my life)! The next day we will begin our trek around Old Town and Downtown Disney, as well as making sure there's enough time to rest by the pool and get thoroughly tanned. We'll be at the resort for a few days then off to Siesta Key to feel the sand in our toes and butts! Mucho relaxation to be had, as well as a trip to a seafood restaurant and sushi bar.

I'm hoping this trip will leave me feeling refreshed and reset my perspective on life. Being in customer service for 5 years, things have gotten a little gray. Last year I took a trip with one of my best friends, Sarah, and our 4 day trip to the beach helped me so much. It was filled with meaningful conversation, lots of laughter and, of course, wine. When I came home I was stronger. I was more honest. But, most importantly, I was brave again. It's been almost a year since that trip and my life has been, once again, turned upside down. I put the end to a very toxic, emotionally abusive relationship, moved, worked two jobs, endured slumlord drama, and moved again. I. Am. Exhausted. I do have great things going on in my life right now, so I'm not complaining. Every now and then, though, you need a mental reset. 

See you soon, Florida!

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